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SWTOR WordPress Plugin

SW:ToR Raider Plugin for WordPress

Die Version des Raider Plugins für SWTOR wird nicht weiter gepflegt oder weiter entwickelt.

Da es leider keinen geeigneten Raidplaner für SWTOR gab haben wir uns die Mühe gemacht und einen einfachen Raider erstellt. Dieser wird nun offiziell Veröffentlicht und daher hier beschrieben:

WordPress: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/swtor-raidplaner/

Because there was no raid planer for SWTOR we develop a simple one. The SW:ToR – Raidplaner is a plugin to add a raid planer to a guild site based on wordpress for the MMORPG ‚Starwars: The old Republic‘. See the raid planer in action at http://veteres-unlimited.de/raidplaner/


  • Simple charackter organisation
    The raider will add several fields to the user profiles to manage the different characters of a player.
  • Waitlist
    A user can add himself on a waitlist to optionaly raid or to the raidlist if he wants to raid.
  • Simple raidmanagement
    The raid leader can manage the kind of user entries. He can set the amount of needed players. Additionaly he can define that the user can only set himself to a waitlist or directly to the raidlist.
  • Simple raidmanagement II‘
    The raid leader can simple copy older raids, edit the date and store it as a new one.
  • Raidpoints
    Each time the user will be set to a raidlist (by himself or the raidlead) he get one raidpoint. This shows how much he is rading (no DKP).
  • Widget
    Show the next raids within your widget bar.
  • Raidleaders
    Access the backend as admin or editor.
  • s2Members compatible
    If s2Members-Pluginhttp://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/s2member/ is installed you can allow guests to be part of a raid. In this case subscribers would be marked as guests and s2Members of level 1 or higher would be shown normal within the raidlists. This is setable by the options page.
  • Event calender compatible
    If EventCalendar-Pluginhttp://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-events-calendar/ is installed the Raider will show the big calender in front of the Raidlists and enter the raid to the calender, also shown within the event calender widget.
  • Lowlevel support
    By define the level of the members of a raid the raidplaner can also be used to plan e.g. flashpoints at lower levels or other events.
  • Archive
    The raids in the past are stored within the archive.
  • Options
    Choose which side should raid: The imperium, the recpublic or both.

How To Use?

First of all each player how want to raid have to edit his charakter. To do this he have to go to his profil and edit the several fields to enter 8 charackters. On the other hand a user with editor-privilegs (or higher) add a raid within the raidplaner backend. The users can now add the entered charackters to the raid.

Support and Questions?

If you have any questions feel free to contact ceo@veteres-unlimited.de

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